Huawei logo on red background
  • Huawei Makes New Move.
  • Huawei Bounces Back to The Market in Spain.
  • New Huawei Smartwatch Arrives Days after the launch of iPhone 15. 

Huawei Technologies Co and Apple Inc. are to launch new hardware devices this week, to unveil interesting market competition as the company is planning a global comeback to the market. 

Huawei is set to launch its latest smartwatch in Barcelona, Spain few days after Apple unveiled its latest iPhone series on Tuesday. 

This new move is just soon after the company started selling its new Mate 60 Pro smartphone in late August without any event to launch the new product in the market contrary to Apple company who had a launch event for iPhone 15. 

Mate 60 Pro phone is equipped with a new 5G chip, and it is now the most popular amongst Chinese consumers. The high consumption rate of Huawei products in China could be a signal of a strong comeback of the producer to the market which was in crisis because of the United States government restrictions as of 2019.  

The latest smartphone saw China consumers lining up to buy it from the company’s offline stores. 

Huawei’s comeback will cut into its main competitor’s Apple market share in China and bring down its domestic peers.  

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