In an exciting update, Google Maps is trying out a cool new feature to make your exploration even better! They’re using something called generative AI, which is like a smart helper, to suggest awesome places for you to discover.

So, here’s the deal: Google Maps is teaming up with large language models to check out over 250 million spots on its map. Plus, they’re getting help from over 300 million Local Guides – those are folks like you who share their thoughts and pictures about places. Now, when you’re on the lookout for something specific, like funky thrift shops in San Francisco, you can just type in “places with a vintage vibe in SF.” Magic, right?

This new feature is all about making your search feel like a friendly chat. Let’s say you find those vintage shops, and then you get hungry. Type in “How about lunch?” and this smart AI will remember your love for vintage and suggest some cool old-school diners. It’s like having a travel buddy who really gets you!

Google promises that this feature can handle even the quirkiest or most specific requests. Right now, they’re testing it out in the U.S., giving a sneak peek to some Local Guides. But don’t worry, everyone else will get to try it soon – they just haven’t spilled the beans on which countries are next.

This isn’t the first time Google Maps has gotten smarter. Back in October, they made Maps more like a search expert, adding cool features like showing photos and suggesting places when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Now, with this generative AI, it’s like Maps is turning into your personal guide for discovering new spots. Google says this is just the start of making Maps even more amazing with generative AI – we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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