Modern attendance tracking tools

Modern time attendance tools can be necessary for keeping track of employees attendance patterns and ensuring efficient workforce management. Time and attendance tracking is also a key aspect of payroll processing. As such, use of modern time attendance tools to automatically track in/out times for your employees, calculate their work hours and absences can be crucial in maintaining a seamless HR process.

As an HR professional, you’re constantly under pressure to demonstrate continuous improvement. But with attendance management being such a complex and challenging task ( and one that touches so many different departments), it can be hard to get started. If your employee attendance management is not on point, it can have adverse effects on the rest of the business.

Importance of time attendance software

  • Accurate data for payroll

Use of modern time attendance tools to track employee attendance removes the guesswork out of attendance management. Accurate attendance data from an attendance tracking software can eliminate data entry errors and ensure accurate data used for payroll.

  • Compliance with labour regulations

A robust HR software can help your business comply with local labour regulations. Labour regulations can concern the maximum number of days an employee is supposed to work. Additionally, labour compliance can involve the number of leave days an employee is entitled to during the year.

Automatic time attendance software can help businesses comply with attendance and leave management regulations. Also, in case of an audit, you can easily provide verifiable data to local authorities.

  • Eliminate manipulation of attendance register

Buddy punching is the practice of employees clocking in our out in place of the supposed employee. This problem can distort attendance reports which can be used for processing payroll which can lead to overpaying for payroll. As such, use of modern time attendance tools that incorporate GPS-location to verify attendance can help businesses cope with this challenge.

Modern time attendance solutions

As we have seen, time and attendance tracking can be a crucial part of the HR department almost always relegated to disposable books and Excel sheets. You can better manage your employees from a small mom-and-pop shop to a hundreds of employees by implementing a modern and comprehensive time and attendance tracking software that can also give you ability to edit and share shift changes easily.

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