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Workplaces employ a variety of time tracking methods in a bit to ensure accountability and transparency. Despite technological advancements, the most common methods of time tracking are inefficient and do not offer flexibility and scalability. As a result of ineffective time and attendance policies implemented by some businesses, the human resource and the payroll departments may be at risk for making data entry errors, payroll fraud from paying for hours not worked or spending more time on administrative work that would have otherwise been used on the core business.

With such risks posited, it may be worth your time to rethink the inefficient time and attendance policies and methods in your business and look for solutions that have a positive bearing to your business outlook. With an automated time and attendance tracking solution you could reduce time spent on administrative work while alleviating the risk of data entry errors and data manipulation.

Streamline time tracking 

Here are some key technological advancements in tracking and monitoring employee work-time and attendance that can greatly improve the standard processes in your company:

Automated time and attendance tracking

Current time and attendance tracking systems offer live statistics and data, a simple and user friendly self-service mobile option which is a better alternative to manual tracking methods that are outdated. Automated time tracking systems offer employees the flexibility to punch in via a smartphone with no physical interaction with another person and access to their timesheet data. Some systems offer additional options on employee clocking in-GPS clock in or passcode clock in- all which work to streamline your standard work processes while improving productivity.

Improved shift scheduling

Unpredictability in shift scheduling can lead to over or under-hiring for a task due to no central communication hub for shift schedules to employees ensuring availability. Latest developments in attendance systems allows for employees to access shift schedules through their self-service mobile application. This removes the need for weekly meeting for managers to communicate shift schedules, and one manager can be able to manage more than one location and bypass the challenges posed by geographical differences. This is vital as you grow your company from one town to another, as it enables scaling without need for additional staff to handle this function. Also, this makes employees comfortable as they can be able to communicate their availability to tackle a task scheduled in good time.

Digital time sheets

Through the time and attendance management software accessed as an app to a mobile device, employees can be able to access their time sheets. Time sheet data provided can be used by employers in processing payroll, records, and also gives the employer the ability to closely scrutinize the data easily for a specific employee.

Labour cost analysis

Accurate time tracking removes instances of paying for time not worked by integrating with payroll systems and providing data on time-worked in a user-friendly manner. Use of online time tracking and attendance management solutions eliminates the need to keep pen and paper records which are inefficient and difficult to search for specific information in a timely way. If your company needs to mitigate data manipulation(outbound link) and employees clocking in for others, a solution such as GPS clock-in can work.

Leave management 

Latest time tracking systems with self-service software downloaded as an app to mobile devices give employees the flexibility to apply for time-off. This allows employees to get approval of the leave application from the app through the device without the need to visit HR. In doing so, it removes the process of employees applying for a one-day off taking one week to get feedback.

Streamlining business management

Time is an asset that trickles down to your bottom line as real money, or your human capital. The ability to account for the hours’ employees work in your company can give you great insights into the areas you need to improve efficiency on and impacting your bottom line. Are you able to account for time worked and tie it to specific outcomes and output? Insights gained from time and attendance tracking can help you in making decisions that will lead to better outcomes for your company.

With the advancement in time and attendance management systems beyond just clocking in and out, it has become an integral function in the development of human resource best practices. You can take advantage of these developments, as time and attendance tracking evolves to be more of a platform than an app.

Regulatory compliance

A comprehensive time and attendance tracking system may be able to assist you in complying with required employment regulations which include:

  • Minimum wage;
  • Hours worked; and
  • Various forms of leave.

Latest time and attendance management systems may also allow for GPS clock in which gives employers visibility location and time worked by employees.

With the advent of gig workers, you will likely need a time and attendance management system that can accommodate more types of workers. Companies with a flexible system will be able to fulfil their core business while still paying any type of worker accurately while adhering to compliance regulations. Successfully keeping up with the latest workforce trends will likely give you peace of mind in your operations giving you a competitive advantage in the job marketplace.

As a result, deploying a scalable and flexible time tracking system for different types of workers will give your company valuable data that can be used to offer better and accurate pay to employees and other insights.

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