How to make attendance tracking not suck

There are various ways to make time and attendance tracking more efficient. And, use of an attendance tracking software is one of the solutions. Allowing your employees to manage their own attendance and leave requests through self-service technology especially for shift workers can be delightful. You can simply upload your staff’s employee and personal data online, and attach it to the cloud-based software.

Hence, an integrated human resource software can provide a plethora of ways to make time and attendance tracking work. Below are ways to improve your attendance tracking user flows:

Ways to make time and attendance tracking work

  • Self-service technology

Self-service technology gives employees data at their fingertips. As such, employees can easily clock in and out, send time-off requests for approval and access weekly schedules through an easy-to-use mobile app.  Additionally, self-service technology allows HR professionals to perform people operations on the go. This can include approving time-off requests, editing and publishing schedules and checking on the attendance history of employees at a particular location.

  • One-click leave approvals

Life has a lot of uncertainty and this is also true for employees. Thus, one of the ways to make time and attendance tracking work is by giving employees a seamless way to show their unavailability as a result of any unavoidable circumstances. TruAttendance provides HR managers with a platform to easily approve time-off requests from employees and ensure business continuity.

  • Easily edit and publish employee roster and schedule

When an employee’s time-off request has been approved, it is important for that shift not to go unattended to ensure productivity levels are kept high. As such, a human resource software such as TruAttendance, encompassing attendance tracking, leave management and scheduling can help you allocate shifts while approving time-off requests from your employees.

  • Generate attendance reports

With an attendance tracking system in place, comprehensive attendance reports can be helpful in decision making. Attendance reports provide a granular insight into the workforce of a business, bringing transparency to HR allowing for better rewarding and recognition of outstanding employees.

  • Eliminate burden of administrative work

HR software with an attendance tracking module can automate repetitive processes and streamline your HR function. This frees up more time for the managers allowing them to focus on business strategy. Also, employee engagement is increased while allowing HR personnel to easily manage remote teams.

Time and attendance tracking

If you are a business owner in the 21st Century, giving your employees more autonomy can not only increase their productivity but also give the company another tactic for employee retention. This is of course with the caveat that it has to work for you, which is very efficient for shift workers where time attendance is closely monitored both for regulation and compensation.

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