The launch of the new Pixel 8 phones also sees the release of the latest version of the Android operating system, version 14. In addition to a number of new security features, such as expanded support for passkeys and privacy protection, there are also numerous adjustments to the user interface and functions that make it easier to manage employees’ IT infrastructure.

The most notable new interface feature is that Android 14 offers the ability to make the lock screen more personal: you can choose between different clock styles and sizes, and there’s even an AI-powered wallpaper generator that lets you create your own wallpaper (so far only for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro).

And thanks to extensive support for passkeys, you can log in to third-party apps with your fingerprint. Other new features include better support for camera extensions, support for 10-bit HDR images, and Android’s new Health Connect feature, which stores health and fitness data on the device, similar to Apple Health.

Android 14 for business

But Android 14 also has a few new features that make it easier for companies to manage the IT infrastructure of employees with a phone running Android 14. For example, the default PIN for screen lock has been increased from four to six; provides the ability for administrators to allow only approved administrators to store login credentials; it makes it possible to block potentially unsafe 2G connections and provides log files for ultra-wideband.

Android 14 also makes it easier to select profiles for certain apps, switch between profiles, and save work-related screenshots only in the work profile.


Android 14 is now available for Pixel phones (4A, 5G and higher). Other phones from manufacturers like Samsung, Nothing, OnePlus and more will get Android 14 later this year.

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